Thanks to the modern and professional equipment, training of the staff and careful many- year building of the brand, the FIS Company has launched its own product to the market – a line of the GS socks.

The socks are made of natural materials carefully selected and tested in licensed laboratories. Color stability, high quality and comfort as well as colors and patterns that follow fashion trends are the features meeting the demanding European standards.

“The long-term goal is a continued growth through increased technological capacity, investment in human resources , development of new products and winning new markets.”

In addition to cotton, FIS began to produce socks with bamboo yarn in the year 2012. It is little known that, due to a simple and rapid breeding as well as an exceptional quality and features, bamboo is a popular and respected material in the world.

Socks made in natural bamboo are comfortable, breathable and prevent excessive sweating. Thanks to anti-allergic and anti-bacterial properties along with deodorant effect (no odor), it is understandable why customers have accepted this attractive product.

The production process is based upon the top quality machines of the latest generation. The monthly production capacity of 100,000 pairs of socks makes a wide range of men’s , women’s, children’s, medical, sports (legwarmers) and socks intended for recreational activities (hunting, fishing, climbing).

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